February 2017


Right now there are several issues that the Town Council is either taking up, or will soon be taking up. 

Currently in front of us is the French King Overlay Zoning Change. I will post more about this particular topic that will be voted on in March. Until then, there are two meetings in February where you can get more information about the topic and voice your opinion. 

The first meeting on Feb. 16 is a joint Town Council and Planning Board public hearing. That will be formally run as it is an official town meeting. 

The second meeting on Saturday February 25th will be run by me and is not an official town meeting. It is a meeting I am having and putting together as a Town Councilor at Large. Think of it like a town hall meeting. I want to hear more of the voices of folks who cannot attend a weekday evening meeting. Plus, I want to distribute more information about this proposed zoning change. 

It is from 11-1, and children are welcome to attend. It will either be at Second Congregational Church or St. James Episcopal. I'm just nailing down the details now. More shall be revealed.