September 2018



Now until the November 6th election I am going to use this website to promote and provide information about ballot Question 1--Safe Patient Limits. 

Vote yes for Safe Patient Limits! If you want to know why, ask a nurse. Over 75% of nurses say they are assigned too many patients at once. Most of us who have been in a hospital or have had a loved one in the hospital have experienced this first hand. There is a Safe Patient Limit law in the ICU, but nowhere else. 

86% of nurses say they will vote YES on 1!!!! Join them!!

To help the nurses make this happen join them for a canvass every Saturday at 10AM. Meet up at 70 Federal St. Suite 5 to get a packet to go out and talk to voters for a couple of hours.

The opposition has deep pockets and are covertly spending tens of millions on deceptive advertising to beat this. So let's get out there and fight back! Do it for the nurses, for the patients, and for our community!!